All parents of St. Jerome School students must be actively involved in the education of their children through membership and active participation in the St. Jerome School Support Organization.  Parents are welcome to attend regular monthly Board meetings on the first Thursday of each month.  Mandatory General Parent Meetings occur each September, January, and May, as noted in the school calendar.   Executive Board elections take place at the January General Parent Meeting. The SSO is established at St. Jerome School to provide positive support to the school and to provide parents with opportunities to experience support through social, spiritual, and educational enrichment.
Like other parish organizations, the School Support Organization is governed by Archdiocesan policy:
It will be established and continue or terminate operation at the discretion of the pastor and principal;
It will be consultative or advisory in nature;
It will have no legal status apart from the school, and therefore, will not be separately incorporated;
It will function in accordance with a written constitution, which complies with all current provisions of
Archdiocesan policy governing the structure and; operation of such an organization

Recommendations and sanctions of the organization are subject to all Archdiocesan school regulations and policies as established by the
Catholic School Board and executed by the Department of Catholic Schools.