"With teamwork, we can help ensure the success of our future leaders and citizens of tomorrow.”



St. Jerome School and parish community welcome you!  St. Jerome School opened in 1952 and since then St. Jerome has utilized faith, tradition and focus on excellence to prepare our students for college - career  - and heaven.

St. Jerome School prides itself on rigorous education infused with faith filled learning. We understand that we are, with the help parents/guardians/parish community, shaping the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Through our Student Learning Expectations aimed at developing Christian Leaders who are Thoughtful Citizens and Responsible Learners, we enable students to flourish and grow as learners and faith filled people. 

St. Jerome is vested in enabling all students an opportunity to learn and become successful. For this reason, we have developed a STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) that stimulates a multitude of learning styles and inspires a hands on experience in education. In addition, we will be including an elective learning period to allow students an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of new learning experiences designed to explore new and hidden interests. We will have more on this new innovative program soon.

Lastly, the St. Jerome School Community is a family therefore staff, students, parents and volunteers, are reminded to act and behave in a manner appropriate to the teachings of the Catholic Faith.  

St. Jerome School welcomes everyone and we hope to see and hear from you soon. As always, my door is always open.


Peace and Blessings, 
Tom MacDonald
Principal - St. Jerome School
​St. Jerome Pray for Us!